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The Art of Cooking Classes in July: Summer Picnic

Published by July 2, 2024

Little Genius Cooking class July

Get ready for a fun and delicious journey as we embark on The Art of Cooking Classes in July? Themed around a delightful Summer Picnic! These classes are designed to teach children how to make a variety of tasty dishes that are perfect for any summer outing. Read on to discover more about what we have in store for your young chefs.


1. Cooking classes schedule for this July


Sweet and Sour Chicken – July 5th

Our first class kicks off with a classic favorite, Sweet and Sour Chicken. This dish is a perfect blend of tangy and sweet flavors, sure to be a hit at any picnic. Children will learn how to balance flavors and cook chicken to perfection.


Fruit Punch Drink & Garlic Flatbread – July 12th

On the second Friday, we’ll be making a refreshing Fruit Punch Drink paired with Garlic Flatbread. The drink is perfect for hot summer days, and the flatbread is a savory treat that complements any meal. Kids will enjoy creating these easy-to-make yet delicious items.


Chilli Con Carne – July 19th

The third class features Chilli Con Carne, a hearty and flavorful dish. This class will teach kids how to handle spices and create a balanced, delicious chili that’s perfect for a picnic or any family gathering.


BBQ Chicken Sandwich – July 26th

We wrap up the month with BBQ Chicken Sandwiches. This class will show children how to make tender, flavorful BBQ chicken and assemble it into a satisfying sandwich. It’s a perfect picnic food that’s easy to make and delicious to eat.


2. Why Join Our Cooking Classes?


Develop Culinary Skills

Our cooking classes provide an excellent opportunity for kids to develop their culinary skills. Under the guidance of experienced chefs, children will learn essential cooking techniques and gain confidence in the kitchen.


Learn About Healthy Eating

Each class is designed to teach kids about healthy eating habits. By using fresh ingredients and cooking from scratch, children will learn the importance of nutrition and how to make healthier food choices.


Have Fun in the Kitchen

Cooking should be fun, and our classes are all about making the kitchen an enjoyable place. Kids will love the hands-on experience of preparing and cooking their dishes, and the satisfaction of eating what they’ve made.


3. Class details


  • Schedule: Every Friday from 04:30 PM to 06:00 PM
  • Age Group: 5+ Years Old
  • Fee: 500,000 VND per session per child (including all materials)


4. How to register ?


Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to give your child a fun and educational experience this summer. Mark your calendars and sign up today to let your child discover the joy of cooking!

Register here:


5. Why choose Little Genius cooking classes?


Experienced Instructors

Our instructors are experienced chefs who are passionate about teaching children. They create a supportive and fun environment that encourages creativity and learning.


Comprehensive Learning Experience

Children will learn more than just cooking. Our classes include lessons on food safety, hygiene, and the nutritional value of different ingredients.


Small Class Sizes

We maintain small class sizes to ensure each child gets personalized attention and guidance. This helps them learn more effectively and feel more comfortable in the kitchen.


Fully Equipped Facilities

Our kitchen is fully equipped with all the tools and materials needed for a great cooking experience. Each child will have their own workspace and access to high-quality ingredients.


A Fun and Safe Environment

Safety is our top priority. Our kitchen is designed to be safe for children, with supervision and guidance provided at all times.


Our July cooking classes offer a fantastic opportunity for children to develop their culinary skills, learn about healthy eating, and have lots of fun. With a new dish to prepare each week, kids will enjoy a variety of cooking experiences that they can share with their family and friends.

Join us at Little Genius Educational Center and let your child embark on a culinary adventure this summer. Register now and make this summer both fun and educational for your young chefs!




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