Gym & Sport

Be active with different sports, physical mini games, and activities lead by Foreign Teacher

Physical Education is essential to children’s development at any age. We make being active enjoyable but always effective. Kids learn collaboration through physical mini games that develop skills like teamwork, discipline, leadership, and healthy competition.

  • Enhance children physical strength
  • Develop social skills and make friends
  • Free Trial Class anytime
  • Maximum 12 students/class

1 hour/ class

4,200,000 / 12 classes
Little Gym 4 – 6 YO / Junior Gym 7 – 9 YO

Public Speaking

Age group: 7 + YO

Kids learn to write a compelling speech and communicate an idea in front of an audience to inform, persuade, and entertain.


Age group: Little Scientist 4-6 YO/ Junior Scientist 7-9 YO/ Super Scientist 10-12 YO

Science classes cover topics in physics, chemistry, and biology. Learn with hands-on experiments!

Robotics & Coding

Age group: 5+ YO (Free Placement Test)

Robotics & Coding is fun with a well-equipped innovation lab that inspires kids to learn to code, build robots, and express creativity through technology


Age group: Little Artist 4-6 YO / Junior Artist 7-9 YO

The art studio allows kids to explore, learn, and get inspired by world famous Artists from around the world.

Creative Writing

Age group: 7 + YO (Free Placement Test)

Develop advanced skills in discussion of ideas in acclaimed literature, reading, writing, and expressing their ideas naturally, and creatively via thought-provoking topics.

K-Pop & Hip Hop

Age group: 5+ YO

Fun, active, and trendy. We offer dance class with professional dancer


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