We are passionate about early education. We created an inspiring space for children as young as 18 months to 14 years old. From Kindergarten to S.T.E.A.M Education Courses. Everything kids need to imagine who they want to be when they grow up 😎 Let's the journey begin!!

We learn through play and grow together at Little Genius family! ✨

Busy Bee (18 – 36 months)

Busy Bees class nurture and provide your child with structure and consistency they need to be familiar with the school environment. Teachers lead the class with plenty of songs, handmade crafty projects, and of course fun games to foster positive growth of a kind, independent child.

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Rainbow (2 – 3 Years Old)

In our Rainbow Class, we strive to help the children become independent by the end of the year by using utensils, tidying up, using the restroom, falling asleep, and expressing themselves without too much adult help. Teachers utilize short and interactive learning lessons that engage early development of numeracy, literacy, and compassionate social skills are high priorities.

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Jungle (3 – 4 Years Old)

In Jungle class, we strongly believe that children at this age are more capable of eating on their own, changing clothes, and keeping personal hygiene. Jungle class’s kids take pride in their newfound independence. Jungle class students will learn a variety of subjects including literacy, expressive art and design. They will grow and mature into better future proactive learners.

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Big Star (4 -5 Years Old)

Our Big Stars teachers understand that each child learns and absorbs knowledge uniquely. We aim to facilitate this learning process, not only by supporting and motivating the kids, but by also teaching them how to be resilient, confident, and self-assured by guiding them through the process of achieving literacy practices, physical mini games, and emotional development.

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Explorer (5-6 years old)

Explorer Class develops life-long learners. With project-based learning, our children can direct their own learning meaningfully with support from their teachers. These projects not only incorporate skills in mathematics and literacy, but also problem-solving, creativity, and teamwork.

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Toddler Fun (12 – 30 months)

Twice a week, we offer this class to help our little ones get use to a brand new school environment, helping kids and family ease into a new routine before school officially start. This class is a great opportunity for parents and kids to bond with each other through meaningful activity include:

Sensory Development Activity / Storytelling / Physical Mini Game with music / S.T.E.A.M Activities / Singing and Dancing

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Ignite creativity and curiosity in children through innovative subjects in STEAMS. Explore our current courses!👇🏻

Public Speaking

Age group: 7 + YO

Kids learn to write a compelling speech and communicate an idea in front of an audience to inform, persuade, and entertain.


Age group: Little Scientist 4-6 YO/ Junior Scientist 7-9 YO/ Super Scientist 10-12 YO

Science classes cover topics in physics, chemistry, and biology. Learn with hands-on experiments!

Robotics & Coding

Age group: 5+ YO (Free Placement Test)

Robotics & Coding is fun with a well-equipped innovation lab that inspires kids to learn to code, build robots, and express creativity through technology


Age group: Little Artist 4-6 YO / Junior Artist 7-9 YO

The art studio allows kids to explore, learn, and get inspired by world famous Artists from around the world.

Creative Writing

Age group: 7 + YO (Free Placement Test)

Develop advanced skills in discussion of ideas in acclaimed literature, reading, writing, and expressing their ideas naturally, and creatively via thought-provoking topics.

Gym & Sport

Age group: Little Gym 4 - 6 YO / Junior Gym 7 - 9 YO

Be active with different sports, physical mini games, and activities lead by Foreign Teacher

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