Little Genius International Kindergarten New Enrollment 2024-2025

Published by July 5, 2024

Little Genius Kindergarten new enrollment 2024-2025

When parents consider enrolling their children in kindergarten from as young as 18 months, common concerns arise: Will my child cry? Will they feel scared or homesick? Will they lose their appetite, or get sick frequently?

However, not enrolling your child in early childhood education can mean missing out on critical developmental milestones. Early enrollment supports intellectual growth, skill development, and emotional and social awareness, ensuring your child keeps pace with their peers.

Discover Little Genius International Kindergarten School, where we help children acclimate and thrive in a nurturing educational environment. This is an ideal starting point for preparing your child for their future educational journey.


Unlock your child’s potential with the EYFS Framework


The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework is a comprehensive approach to early childhood education in the United Kingdom. It sets the standards for the learning, development, and care of children from birth to five years old.

The EYFS Framework is designed to provide children with a strong foundation for their future learning and development, ensuring they are well-prepared for school and beyond.

Our dedicated and experienced teachers use the EYFS Framework to create a nurturing and stimulating environment where every child can thrive. We believe in the potential of every child and are committed to helping them achieve their best.

Little Genius offers a 100% English program based on the British EYFS Framework for children aged 18 months – 6 years, helping your child develop comprehensively in an international environment.


15 years of nurturing young minds


With 15 years of children’s development education, Little Genius values the natural development journey of our children’s happiness.

Physically, your child’s gross and fine motor skills are trained and promoted through fun learning activities using the Play-based learning method. Our diverse spaces, including classrooms, gym rooms, and outdoor spaces, encourage children to move freely, explore, and connect with nature.

Spiritually, children are encouraged to express their thoughts and feelings with teachers and friends. We support their mental well-being through circle time, storytelling, and role-playing. By meeting their age-appropriate needs for natural and comfortable play, we reinforce their secure attachment to Little Genius.


Why choose Little Genius?

✅ 15 years of educational excellence with 100% English

✅ Small class sizes: Maximum 12-15 students per class with 3 teachers

✅ Based on the British EYFS Framework

✅ Experienced foreign teachers

✅ Classroom cameras with live video streaming

✅ Fully equipped facilities: Science lab, Art studio, Robotics & Coding, Indoor Gym, Rooftop Gym, Dance studio

✅ Playful, safe and secure environment


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Little Genius International Kindergarten New Enrollment 2024-2025

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