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Science classes cover topics physics, chemistry, and biology. The curriculum goes beyond solving homework problems. Classes are designed to be fun and engaging with hands-on experiments in and outside of the classroom.


Kids learn theoretical concepts through playing, experimenting, and discussing the topics with peers and teachers.



At Little Genius, Robotics & Coding is fun with a well-equipped innovation lab that inspires kids to learn to code, build robots, and express creativity through technology. Our curriculum includes some of the best programs developed specifically for kids such as Microbit, Scratch from MIT, Lego Robot, and UARO.


Little Genius educational center robotics


The art studio allows kids to explore, learn, and get inspired by world famous artists from around the world. Kids learn art history, practice art techniques in sketching, drawing, painting, and crafting using different types of materials. 


Our curriculum is designed to help kids discover their unique style, gain empathy, and become more confident in expressing themselves.

Little Genius educational center art class


Kids learn to create art and get exposure to advanced digital tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and A.I Platform (Artificial Intelligent). Curriculums are project-based, which helps kids visualize their learning and get rewarded with the result.


Little genius digital art


Academic English is not another boring language grammar lesson. Instead, kids learn to discuss ideas, themes, and styles in acclaimed literature. Kids will improve their reading skill, writing skill, and be able to express their ideas naturally and creatively.


Little Genius Academic English


Physical Education is essential to children’s development at any age. We make being active enjoyable, impactful. Kids learn collaboration through physical mini games and activities that develop skills like teamwork, discipline, leadership, and healthy competition.

Little Genius educational center gym and sport



Elegance and physical fitness can come together, and that is what ballet truly delivers. There are so many benefits to learning ballet from a young age. Kids not only learn how to dance but also socialize and communicate with friends and teachers through music and movement. 


Hip hop & K-pop

Fun, Active and Musical combine. K-pop and Hip-hop are among some of the best dance genres that excite both kids and young adults.

Classes at Little Genius are taught by a professional dancer who also has a certificate in teaching in English.


We provide kids with a great environment to hang out with friends, have fun practicing, dancing and release their artistic talent through movement.

Little genius dance class


Every week, we offer a 90-minute cooking workshop for kids full of exciting recipes and fun games. Kids learn how to cook, appreciate food, and learn new things about the dish they are making in English. 

Practice English listening skills by following instructions and have a blast with friends and teachers.

Little Genius Educational Center cooking class (1)
Little Genius Academic English