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  • Why Science at Little Genius?

    Our lessons are designed in accordance to the guidelines of inquiry-based learning, a pedagogical approach where students discover the scientific concepts themselves through investigation and experimentation.
    Children are inherently scientific and early behavior is a constant process of testing one’s environment. This program encourages that process by teaching students how to channel questions into method.
    Our approach creates a cooperative learning environment as well as teaching skills that are essential in upper-level

    Science programs. In the process, students have fun and stay engaged.
    We provide a space for students to develop a genuine enthusiasm for science. Learning will also be placed
    within a broader context by engaging students in Citizen Science projects, where students from all over the world
    contribute to ongoing scientific efforts.
    Students will also meet professional scientists and engineers to learn how they are applying science in professional and academic settings.


    Enjoy a wide range of fun science facts and knowledge that are sure to surprise and amaze you!


    Our science lab is equipped with state-of-the-art scientific and safety equipment, which provides a safe and engaging environment to explore the scientific world.

    This course is an inquiry-based class which covers life and physical science.
    The program provides an engaging lab environment for students to experience and participate in scientific inquiry. The curriculum is designed to enhance critical thinking skills, teamwork, a genuine understanding of
    the scientific process, and enthusiasm for science. Students in our program will build demonstrations and models, design and conduct scientific experiments, and work in teams to solve science challenges. The program is organized in distinct units encompassing Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Astronomy. Scientific concepts and processes are also applied in practical units on Engineering.