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  • Why Little Gym at Little Genius?

    Participating in any sport is a great way for your child to build their self-esteem, learn about teamwork, and of course get some exercise.

    Physical fitness in early childhood development improves the child’s strength and endurance. Little Gym will combine learning to play different sports such as soccer and volleyball, with other various physical and fun exercise games. Little Gym is a safe environment for the children to play with their friends and learn about basic

    playground rules. It’s a place where they can develop balance and cooperation skills, working with their friends to achieve their goals together.

    We’ll use a mixture of constructive exercise to build up locomotive and manipulative skills.

    Preschool Gym for preschoolers is offered in the afternoon weekly. Our classes run for 50 mins and our classes are emphasizing learning habits, fun activities, social experience and athletics fundamentals rather than specific technical skills.

    Parents are invited to join their children in the classor to enjoy a moment’s peace on the sidelines with a good luck!

    Our facility has brand new equipment, including fantastic wooden floors, and also have mats of different shapes to be used in the progression of the learning process.

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