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  • Why K-Pop dance at Little Genius?

    Dance is the timeless interpretation of life.”

    Introduction to the Subject K-Pop at Little Genius is a course focused on fitness that’s fun. Perfect for any child who wants to pursue their love of K-Pop music further, the classes merge exercise with creative development,
    social interaction and emotional expression.

    The regular practice of any dance improves brain function and cognitive learning; going through new steps and moves slowly before repeating and mastering them develops a


    deep level of concentration and intuition.

    Steady practice also trains the brain against dizziness and improves the body’s overall coordination. However,
    Little Genius’ K-Pop course is not only dedicated to the physical benefits of dance but also aims to combine
    movement with social and emotional expansion.

    When engaged in a dance class, kids are introduced to movement as expression through the release of endorphins and the encouragement to get creative! The fun of K-Pop music and dance moves teaches kids how to communicate their emotions

    In K-Pop at LG, your child will get the benefits of:
    – An active lifestyle concentrating on learning new skills
    – Developing their physical intelligence
    – Positive, upbeat music
    – A fun creative style of dance

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