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  • Why Hip-Hop at Little Genius?

    Freestyle Hip-Hop Dance came to the dance scene in late 1984 and was pioneered by Budda Stretch and Henry Link of the Elite Force crew. These two dancers created the B-boy and funk styles of dancing, and popularized Hip-Hop through dancing in public and in music videos, including ‘Remember the Time’ by Michael Jackson.


    Hip – Hop is all about enjoying the music, dancing with your soul, and showing yourself through body language. Hip-Hop includes many distinct moves that children can easily imitate.

    Here at LG, your children will be trained by qualified Hip – Hop teachers who have experience in teaching, performing and competing. Hip-Hop can lead to renewed energy and confidence in everyone.

    Hip-Hop at LG is a 12-week programme of encouraging and energetic classes that focuses on the most popular dance moves of contemporary Hip-Hop while developing coordination, body awareness and self esteem.

    The course builds strength, stamina and style through teaching essential moves including basic body isolations,
    precision, performance quality and choreography. While workshopping techniques including popping, locking
    and house elements, students will also get the opportunity to work on their own freestyle abilities.

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