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    Welcome from the Founder​

       At Little Genius, we believe school life is important in itself, not simply a preparation for something in the future. Every day of your child’s school life should be looked forward to with excitement and anticipation.

       We acknowledge every child is different and needs change as they grow. Therefore, it is important we know your child and your child feels known and cared for. Although every school has to have structure to its operation, we work hard to avoid having a ‘fixed’ method so we can identify and meet the varying needs of each individual.

       Each year that has past, our reputation grew as well as our standard to our community. We have built up our repute with many of the local international institute. Evidence shows that strong, positive relationships help to develop a powerful community of learning that allows students of all ages and backgrounds to successfully achieve to their highest potential.

       We are also fully committed to our core values: respect, integrity, innovation and companionship, which underpin everything we do, the way we do it, and ultimately our ethos.

       Parents are strongly encouraged to arrange visits to Little Genius as well as other kindergartens, before making their choice of preferred school. What matters most is not the words in a website, but the intuitive feel that parents, and their children, can experience by visiting us.

       We are most proud of the fact that our graduates are simply ‘good people’, who are prepared to flourish in, and make a positive contribution to, the world ahead of them. I look forward to your visit, and an opportunity for us to discover whether ‘Little Genius’ is the right choice for your child.

       Mr. Chang Seung Ho

       CEO – Founder



          Little Genius International Kindergarten & Educational Center is your child’s all-in-one nurturing & development center. We accept children from 18 months to 5 years old for the Kindergarten while our Educational Center offers a wide range of courses which include Science, Computer Coding, Art, Yoga, Pilates, Hip-Hop, Football, Ballet, and basketball for children above 3 years old.

    What makes us special?


    8 Years
    Childcare Services

    Since 2009, we committed our core values of leadership, integrity, respect, innovation and companionship through our best practices with strong reputation in Phu My Hung.


    Dynamic Curriculum

    Play is the language of Children. Our curriculum is dynamic and customized to each child as they are unique and develop differently, using Play-based learning and EYFS curriculum.

    student to teacherratio copy

    Limited Class Size

    To bring the most benefits to our students, each class is kept small – 10 to 15 students and consisted of a foreign head teacher, a teaching assistant and a nanny.


    Safe & Clean Environment

    Classroom Equipped With Air Purifier.
    Specialized food menu.
    Custom Service Care.
    Quick emergency response.

    smartphone (1)

    Online Communication

    Observe your child online and share any ideas or suggestions on our community facebook group, wheres parents and teachers can discuss on student's learning activities.



    Our facilities are of an exceptional standard. They include library, science lab, art-craft studio, technology room, multimedia room, 2 dance studios, 2 sport courts and childfriendly kitchen.



    My children made friends and very naturally start speaking in English. With the follow-ups by qualified teachers, they are immersed to very good learning environment. I appreciate Little Genius and believe this is one of the best!

    Yukie Suzuki
    (Taki, Aki, and Yuna's Parents)


    We have 3 kids and our first child joined LG the very first day when they just opened their doors. All our 3 kids were very happy to discover the world with LG. Many thanks to all teachers!!!

    Alex & Tanya
    (Vava, Andrew, and Kate's Parents)

    "What makes a child gifted and talented may not always be good grades in school,
    but a different way of looking at the world and learning."

    PROGRAM, courses & FEES

    Every child develops differently. See our classes to find the best fits for your child and goals.




    .000 vnd/course

    Public Speaking

    Healthy Cooking

    Free Use School Facilities (Gym Room, Library Room...)

    Free Transportation ( < 3km)




    .000 vnd/course

    Science ( 6.200.000 vnd)

    Robotics ( 6.200.000 vnd)



    Free Use School Facilities (Gym Room, Library Room...)

    Free Transportation ( < 3km)




    .000 vnd/course

    Dance (Ballet/KPop/Hip Hop)

    Training (Streching/Pilates)

    Sport (Football)

    Free Use School Facilities (Gym Room, Library Room...)

    Free Transportation ( < 3km)

    Featured Classes


    This course is an inquiry-based class which covers life and physical science. The program provides an engaging lab environment for students to experience and participate in scientific inquiry. 

    The curriculum is designed to enhance critical thinking skills, teamwork, a genuine understanding of the scientific process, and enthusiasm for science. Students in our program will build demonstrations and models, design and conduct scientific experiments, and work in teams to solve science challenges.


    More than ever, communication today is taking the form of visual rather than text. Not only does art education promote this creative growth, it also forges social-emotional connections by encouraging students to collaborate and practicing both expression and reflection.

    Students will learn how to turn found items into creatures, how to make an origami habitat, how to tell stories using shadow theatre, how to turn ordinary crayons into a 3d painting or how to make sculpture out of sellotape and a lot of other activities… This class focuses on developing creative thinking to innovation and crucial to creating the industries of the future.


    In LG Coding, your child will have a blast creating video games and animated stories, while bringing their imaginations to life. These activities will help children to develop critical thinking, logical connecting, problem solving systematically…

    Kids begin by experimenting with visual blocks and then progress to text-based coding as they make incredible projects. “No writing lines or any line of code!” 

    We will introduce the basics of coding and fundamentals of computer science in a fun and accessible way with games, Scratch and other coding-based learning platform.

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